Best Of Chicago Happy Hours

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A great happy hour always starts with drink specials so low, that you do not have to feel guilty about breaking the bank when you are unwinding after work. Happy hours are a great time to decompress with your coworkers, or to meet up with friends that have busy schedules. The awesome happy hours on

Cocktail Trends: Coffee

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With all the growing trends related to coffee, it is no surprise that bartenders are coming up with inventive ways to incorporate coffee into their cocktail offerings. You might find that these lively coffee cocktails at your favorite bar will come at a premium. But not to worry, delicious coffee cocktails are easily replicated at

Do-It-Yourself Cocktail Syrups

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A really delicious way to elevate your home bar is by offering natural, homemade syrups that are the perfect additional to homemade cocktails or fruit punches. These syrups are incredibly simple to make, and stay fresh for three to four weeks when refrigerated. There is a lot of flexibility, so I encourage you to think

Chicago’s Best Fall Bar Crawls

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Best Fall

Chicago is a city that likes to have fun, but when the weather starts to get colder, many residents look to bar crawls for fun. Not sure what a bar crawl is? Bar Crawls are organized events where participants hop from bar to bar, usually with some kind of theme or celebration in mind. As

Beer Trends: Coffee

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Incorporating coffee into beer surely isn’t a new concept, but with the growing interest in artisanal coffee, it is no surprise that beer and coffee are being combined at an increasing rate. The beers on this list are some of the best coffee inspired brews currently on the market. Some are inspired by breakfast, and

Step Up Your Spiked Cocoa

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With the winter chill just around the corner, fall is a great time to start sampling delicious warm, boozy, beverages. Whether you call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa, this soothing, sweet treat is a childhood favorite that is easily kicked up for adults. Hosting a dinner party or holiday gift exchange? Consider setting up

Happy Hour From Home

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happy hour from home

If you have ever worked at a stressful job, you can identify with the feeling of that after shift happy hour experience. Stopping into a nearby bar. Sipping on some ice cold beers, flavorful cocktails, or some aromatic wine, paired with some delicious snacks to get you to dinner. Recreating this experience for yourself or

The Best Gluten Free Beers

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There was a time when those unable to ingest gluten, or those that wanted to cut gluten out of their diet, needed to say goodbye to beer altogether. But now, due to the growing trends and popularity related to the gluten free movement, beer manufactures are producing some delicious options that everyone can enjoy. All

Feeling a little under the weather-

A hot toddy is certainly a seasonal favorite for those looking to warm up when it gets chilly outside. When there is a nip in the air, you might notice bars and restaurants offering hot toddies on their menus, but it is also a pretty easy drink to prepare on your own at home. At

Do It Yourself Infused Cherries

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do it yourself

With fall right around the corner, many of us might still have large amounts of summer cherries at home already needing to be put to a good use. A wonderful kicked up creation would be these do-it-yourself vanilla vodka infused cherries. They are simple to prepare, and make a great addition to your home bar


Many people that are interested in watching their weight might be first inclined to cut out some of their favorite drinks. Although you would likely have to cut out beer, before saying goodbye to your favorite cocktails, you should take a look at these classic cocktail recipes that are all less than around 200 calories

Stepping Up Your Shandy

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Well for starters, some of you might be wondering what a shandy is exactly. A shandy is defined as a beer mixed with a soft drink. Typically that soft drink is lemonade, but you can also use other fruit juices or carbonated sodas like ginger ale for an example. When making a simple two ingredient