Drinking Game Ideas for your College Party (that don’t suck)

by / Wednesday, 30 August 2017 / Published in Random Ravings
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Hey are you throwing a party anytime soon? Stumped on Ideas of what games to play to keep your company thriving and alive? Look no further! Here are 3 wacky games that will have your company engaged and throwing drinks back.

1. Medusa

In order to play this game you’ll need a crowd of 7+ people and preferably a round table full of drinks. Now, everyone playing must stand around the table with their heads bowed down.  A designated player counts down from 3 and when the timer is up everyone should be looking at someone random. If you are looking at someone who is not looking at you then you are safe. But if you happen to be looking at someone who’s also looking at you the first person to shout “MEDUSA” is safe. The loser drinks from one of the cups laid out on the table. Easy right?

2. Wizard Staff

This game channels your inner nerd. To play you need a ton of beer and tape. The objective of the game is to finish you drinks and stack the empty cans on top of one another to slowly build your “wizard staff”. At the end of the night the person with the longest staff is deemed the ultimate wizard (and most likely the drunkest person at the party)!

3.  Edward Beer Hands

This game name is a play on the infamous Edward Scissor Hands.  To play this game you just need cans of beer and tape. The only objective of this game is to finish your drinks, but with a twist, they will be taped to your hands!

Hope you throw the most amazing party and integrate this games into your agenda! Good luck and drink responsibly.

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