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This weekend in our series we are tackling Philadelphia! This sunny city is home to many bars and sporting teams attracting thousands of tourists each year. Here are three bars that vary in environment and experiences that will have leave you with the taste of everything Philadelphia has to offer (if there are drinks involved)! 1.  Oscars

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Next we explore the Big Apple! The possibilities in this city are endless, meaning the bar selections are mind boggling. We’ve pinpointed three very different bars and three very different venues that we feel sum up New York City’s bar life! Take a look! 1. Rudy’s Bar and Grill: This blues and rock n’ roll tuned venue is

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We’ve tackled sunny San Francisco this weekend, scoping out a variety of venues that can sum up the bar scene! We got grimy at a local dive bar, classy at a chic Lounge, and blown away from a rooftop venue with an awe inspiring view. 1. The Bamboo Hut: Aloha! This Polynesian themed spot provides a festive

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The next city we are taking on in our ‘What to do if you spend a weekend in’ series is Chicago! This green river city is full of views, class, and fun especially in the nightlife. Here are three venues to get your drink on in comfort, class, and in awe. 1. The End Zone

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you’ve got a weekend to spend in Austin, Texas, what do you do? Austin is a huge travel destination saturated with way too many bars, clubs, and festivities to drink through in the span of a mere weekend! Well fear not, avid traveler we’ve tackled the weekend for you in advance so you can get

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Are you tired of waking up to a raging hangover after a night out on the town with your friends and colleagues? Do you ever wonder if there is a way to combat the dreaded hangover and still have a good time at a local tavern?  THERE IS! It’s called Sober Me and it is the

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So, you’re at a party on a Friday night with a friend. For some reason your friend leaves you and you’re all alone with all these strangers , what do you do? Sit on a couch in the corner of Snap Chat? NO! You  should make some new  friends, here is how: 1. Pretend you are

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Hey are you throwing a party anytime soon? Stumped on Ideas of what games to play to keep your company thriving and alive? Look no further! Here are 3 wacky games that will have your company engaged and throwing drinks back. 1. Medusa In order to play this game you’ll need a crowd of 7+

DIY Game of Thrones Beer Pong

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 by
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Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show to air this year! Why not channel a bit of Westeros to your beer pong table? Switch up the red cups and crappy beer and slip into something that makes you feel royal and magestic. We are putting  a twist on the classic beer pong and here’s

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School is in session! But did you know you can use your supplies for more than just tacking notes and crafts? You can also open your beer bottles! Here are 3 marvelous ways to not sweat when you misplace your bottle opener. As long as you have a sheet of paper on hand and a