How to make friends with ANYONE at a party

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So, you’re at a party on a Friday night with a friend. For some reason your friend leaves you and you’re all alone with all these strangers , what do you do? Sit on a couch in the corner of Snap Chat? NO! You  should make some new  friends, here is how:

1. Pretend you are the “host”

The host of any party is always super lively and seems to know everyone in attendance. They make connections, keep the party functioning, and fun for everyone. They are fearless and have the confidence to talk to anyone because they are attending their party after all. So, when you go to a party pretend you are the host! Spark up conversations, laugh, drink, be jolly! Channeling the energy of a “host” will give you the courage to get chatting and social.  Friends will come to you, naturally.

2. Always Ask Open-Ended Questions

If you ask close-ended questions you will in turn receive cold-ended responses. Get creative with your questions when talking to new people. Get them talking about themselves and their interests which can lead to an ever deeper connection/conversation.  For example instead of asking someone “Cool party, right?” ask a deeper questions like “So, how did you end up at this party tonight?”. A rule of thumb if the question you are asking prompts a simple “yes” or “no” response, avoid it at the beginning of a conversation.

Hope these quick tips are useful to you the next time you are in a new environment or at a party with a new crowd.  Just take a deep breath, and enjoy your night!

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