Everyday items you never knew could be bottle openers

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Surely they don’t have- BYOB, bring your own bottle opener parties, but they should right? Not being able to open the delicious bottle you brought is equally as bad as not bringing one at all. If you’re a regular, you’ve probably got the flip-flops with bottle openers affixed to the bottom, but for those of us that don’t drink quite so often, there’s only one thing standing in between you and having a great night; the cap. However, be drinkless no more and let any one of these 8 everyday items help you pop some bottles.

Eyelash curler



Yes, you read that right. If you’re a woman, you’re in luck! An eyelash curler is exactly one of those random items that can save the day and save the party. To open a bottle cap, simply invert and place the cap where you would normally place your eyelashes. With a firm grip on th bottle itself, use as a lever and push down until the cap comes off!

Phone charger 


(Or any a/c adapter) is just the kind of everyday items that everyone has. This method is not for the faint of heart. It may take a little longer to open a beer bottle, since you place one of the prongs under the edge of the lid and push up, around the entire circumference of the cap. Then voila!



Ah, a spoon. Practically the original lever. Even bartenders admit that a spoon is their go-to whenever they’re missing their sophisticated bottle openers. To use, firmly grasp the bottle with finger over the cap, place the spoon under the bottle cap and apply pressure downward. The angle of the spoon edge is perfect for prying off that bottle top.

Another beer


If you have one, chances are another beer is not too far from sight. This method might also be an excellent party trick, but do so with caution. Start by placing the beer bottle you want opened firmly on a table. Take another beer and turn it upside down. Grasp one beer in one hand, one in the other. Place the edges of the bottle tops against each other (one upside down) and pull up on the one you want opened. The cap should come flying off, but beware this method could result in one or both bottles breaking if you’re not careful.

A door (lock plate)


Yes, if you didn’t know, that is what the little metal thing on the door frame is called, where the lock goes into. Even if you didn’t know it was called a lock plate, have you ever realized that it looks surprisingly like a bottle opener? This method is self explanatory, use the hole like the hole of a bottle opener, and enjoy that drink.

A table


The edge of a table is a pretty classic method. A table is just sturdy enough to apply the right kind of opppsite pressure and knock that bottle top right off. Just make sure your table is sturdy enough to handle it, otherwise you could  damage your table.

A machete (or other sharp knife)


Faster than the phone charger method, but perhaps more dangerous than the table; you can easily cut away your troubles by simply slicing off a bottle top. This method goes without saying, literally slice the cap off by slicing at the edge of the cap. Beware of fingers (also hands, wrists, feet, and other guests).


A lighter


No, we don’t mean burn your bottle cap off. Just the opposite. The non-lighter side of a lighter is exactly the kind of blunt, short, object you want to be able to pry your cap off. Place under the edge of the lid and push upwards until the top flies off.


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