Everything you need to know about drinking on a cruise ship

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Cruising can be one of the best trips you’ll ever go on. Most of them include a drinking package so you can enjoy your R & R with ease, and even if you don’t opt for this all-inclusive package beforehand, you’ll still get that R & R. The only thing the cruise ship won’t include are these helpful tips and tricks on how to maximize your drinking experience by staying happy, healthy, and safe

Stay hydrated



There can be such a thing as too much fun in the sun (see our previous post about the dangers of alcohol in the sun). This is especially true on a cruise ship. Not only are you exposed to the sun more, but all the sightseeing, attractions, and things to do might distract you from drinking water properly. Not only is this bad for your health, which may cause you to get seasick on board, but it can also increase the effects of alcohol and make you drunk faster. Instead, carry around a refillable water bottle, bartenders and waiters will be happy to fill it for you.

Take advantage of happy hour



Its called happy hour for a reason, so keep your wallet and your mood happy. If you don’t purchase a drink package beforehand, take advantage of the cruise ship’s happy hour. These are often planned and stated in the daily newsletter, or you can always find them in the menu themselves. Some cruises even offer two happy hours, which means two times the savings. Being on a cruise ship can make you lose track of your spending, but drinking during happy hour can save you quite a few bucks.

Stranger danger



Just because you’re on a cruise ship, does not mean you’re automatically acquainted with everyone. Cruises might sound like the perfect place to be single and mingle, but you should still take precaution not to over-mingle. Maintain the same rules as you would in a regular bar. This means don’t let anyone you don’t know hand you a drink. Similarly, you should be the only one to accept your drink from the bartender and don’t leave your drink unattended.

Don’t be THAT guy (or girl)


We get it, cruise ships are fun. Once in a lifetime fun even, but that still doesn’t give you an excuse to overdo it. We’ve all seen that person at the bar, at a hotel, on a vacation, and we will see you on the cruise ship. Unless you want to be escorted off the ship, or become a viral meme, mind your boat manners. Drinking is fun, getting too drunk is not.


Never BYOB



Trust us, there’s plenty on board, you don’t have to bring your own. In fact, this is not only a helpful hack, but a legitimate rule enforced on cruise ships. You WILL get caught so it’s best just not to do it. If you do get caught, you will face public humiliation, not to mention the money you lose when those containers you snuck in are confiscated.

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