Habits of Happy, Healthy Couples

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If there really was a secret to love, wouldn’t we share it? No love is created equally, but there are certain things that all happy, healthy couples do. Often times we are reminded of these helpful habits, but we forget when they are used best. Beyond the dates, beyond dinner, beyond drinks st the bar, how do you really create a strong, lasting relationship. Sure alcohol is a great way to have a good time, but once your glass is empty, it’s important to have a meaningful connection with your spouse. This guide gives you the secrets of the happiest couples, and the four most important times a day to show a little love.



At least once a day

Check in. This is one of the ‘little things’. You know, the smallest acts of kindness that have the biggest impact on your relationship. Checking in is actually supported by marriage/ family therapists as a useful tool in improving relationships. Checking in is easy, it can be a simple email, text, phone call- anything that asks your partner how he/she is doing, and shows that you care. This technique is excellent for saying hi, telling your partner you lov the, or that they are simply on your mind.

When you get home from work

Prep and make meals together. We’re not sure if food makes happiness or happiness is food, but either way the two go hand in hand. After work everyone is tired, cooking together is a great way to alleviate the stress of cooking and make mealtime more about spending time together than a chore. Happy couples that prep and cook meals together are happy just to be in the same room together, the food is just a bonus.


Before bed

Put all electronics away. This goes for yourself, for your partner, for your family; when it comes to the bedroom, our your phone away. This makes the room more relaxing, intimate, and ultimately creates a stronger bond between you and your partner. Putting electronics away allows time for more eye contact, catching up with each other, and could lead to other things…

In bed 

Wear less clothes to bed. Even if you’re stressed, busy, or tired, if you wear less clothes to bed, you’ll likely hav more intimacy. Funny how that works right? The less clothes you wear, the easier you make it on your partner to go for it, and initiate some intimacy. There’s no doubt in the ability of physical touch and skin to skin, to create happy, healthy, lifelong partners. Put more love into your new year.


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