Health benefits of drinking water with alcohol

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It’s that time of year again; with the sun’s temperatures blazing, you should definitely have some water in your hand at all times. And this only becomes even more important if you are also consuming alcohol. Truthfully, although they are almost complete opposites, water and alcohol are best friends, by working together for your body. Alcohol dehydrates you, water restores; alcohol makes you drunk, water…might make you slightly less drunk. If you don’t believe me, or have ever thought that the hype behind water was a myth, continue reading and you just might start going to the bar and ordering two drinks; a water and a beer.



Drinking water lessens the symptoms of alcohol consumption. No average person ever becomes immune to drinking alcohol. After you’ve consumed a certain amount, things start happening within the body that no one can control. The effects of dehydration that occurs when you drink, also occurs in the brain. It shrinks the brain tissue and therefore creates pressure, which we know as headaches. Water has the opposite effect and fortifies the tissue so that you won’t have  headache and feel fatigued.




Water can actually protect you from getting sun burned. It’s true. As surprising as it may sound, more people are even more surprised to know that drinking alcohol increases the likelihood that you get sunburn. Yes, this is in part due to simple forgetfulness. Since alcohol impairs the Memory, it might just be that you forget to apply sunscreen altogether, but there’s even more to it. When drinking alcohol, the bodymetabolizes the alcohol into acetaldehyde. This compound actually makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays, hence you get a sunburn. Water on the other hand, can protect your skin from those damaging rays by having the opposite effect and strengthening and moisturizing the skin.




Drink water to avoid a nasty hangover. Most enthusiastic drinkers know this rule of thumb already. If you don’t want a hangover, or at least a massive one the next day, drink water. As mentioned above, since water lessens the effects of alcohol, it can really save you from pain and peril the next morning. There may not be a scientific hangover cure yet, but drinking water while consuming alcohol is a proven aid.




When should you drink water…

  • Anytime really.
  • The 1:1 rule. One drink, then one glass of water and repeat.
  • Before you go out to drink
  • After you’re done drinking and before bed
  • While drinking add water to whiskey, mixed drink, etc. and it can have a hydrating effect

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