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Let’s face it. Even the most die-hard baseball fanatics, think baseball is slow, long, and a little boring. You would think the World Series, the climax of the entire season, would be more exciting, but honestly sometimes these games can drag even longer. I mean best of 5?! Who has the patience to watch all that? But if you combine America’s favorite pastime with a few friends, and a reasonable amount of alcohol, you may find a new love for baseball, and perhaps a new tradition. If you find yourself yawning during the World Series, try hosting your own Boozy World Series like this:




The object of the game is simple: watch baseball and drink. Or perhaps the object of the game is to stay sober? Regardless, your Boozy World Series is simple and only requires a variety of choice drinks and a tv screen. The goal is to try to get you and the other players to actually pay attention to baseball for once, without dozing off.

How to play

Step one: every player chooses a team. After that, steps two, three, four, and five only require drinking, drinking, and more drinking. Since you’re watching the game closely now, depending on the team each player chose, you drink when your team is:

-At bat:

  • Every time a batter gets to a base
  • Every time a run is scored (take a shot)
  • Every time the defense makes an error

- On the Field:

  • Every time there’s an out
  • For every pitching change
  • For every pop fly

- General rules:

You must drink a full beer for every homerun. And shotgun for every grand slam.


The players

This game is best served its friends. Invite as many as you’d like. As you can see above, everyone plays, everyone drinks, and if you all rooted for the same team, everyone wins. Otherwise, the winning team wins.




Playing this drinking game with friends makes game 5 of 7 not so bad. It also allows plenty of opportunities to gather with friends, if you’re committed to finding a true winner- get together for every game in the series. Best of all, you may even learn a thing or two about baseball you didn’t know.

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