How alcohol can enhance your sex life

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When it comes to alcohol and sex, alcohol is a double-edged sword. However, most have only heard one side of the story. Sure alcohol has been called many things: the “brewer’s droop”, a mood killer, and a performance blocker, but when taken carefully, alcohol can actually have several positive effects on your sex life. It is never healthy to consume too much alcohol, but when taken in small doses, alcohol can improve your sex life by the amazing ways listed below:


Share a drink, share love

Whether you love it or hate it alcohol can play a critical role in a relationship. In fact making it regular practice to share a drink together, or not share one can strengthen the bond. Either way, when it comes to alcohol, as long as you share the same values, studies indicate that it can lead to a longer, more fulfilled relationship. On the other hand, enjoying a drink while your partner does not can lead to marital disputes and even divorce in some cases.

Boosts sex drive 

Especially for women, alcohol can boost interest and send drive. Research shows that women are more attracted to men who drink. In addition, if you feel slightly more frisky after a few drinks, you’re not alone; especially for women, but for men as well. Keep in mind that this requires drinking the ‘perfect number’ of drinks and not overdoing it, otherwise it is common for alcohol to inhibit sex drive and performance.


Better orgasm

Again, this requires the magic amount of drinks, however if you’re lucky, many women especially have reported to have a better orgasm and increased sexual pleasure when they are slightly buzzed. The science behind this says that it could be contributed to the overall relaxed state that alcohol creates, allowing men and women to let go of insecurities and inhibitions.

A short solution for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Drink too much and you could it your ability to orgasm at risk, but for men who ejaculate too early before or during sex, a small amount of alcohol can help. This is a temporary solution, but men who have consumed small amounts of alcohol have been able to prevent this phenomena.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, men are still walking a thin line, but a moderate amount of alcohol can make their erection more intense. In fact, studies indicate that men who drink experience 30% less erectile problems than those who dont. So what are we really saying? Yeah you can definitely get your drink on a little.


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