How to Adult Trick or Treat

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If you thought Halloween was only a child’s holiday, then you’ve obviously never ‘adult trick or treated’ before.

And if you’ve never been handed a beer while your little one grabs handfuls of candy, then you probably don’t live in the ‘cool’ neighborhood.

The solution? Make the change. Be the change- give your fellow parents a free beer, while they boldly take on the biggest sugar rush of the year.


Here’s how

It’s not hard. You buy candy. You buy beer.

If you thought you could make a child’s face light up with a Reese’s, just wait til you hand their parents a cold one.

Just be sure they are clearly the parent and clearly of legal drinking age.

As long as you’re not selling the beer or making a profit of any kind, who would question a neighborly free beer?



The beer-candy drinking guide

That’s right, there’s some alcohol that just makes candy taste better.

We’ve done the research for you so that even you can have the best Halloween as an adult.

Candy corn- (Beer) Witbier, (Wine) Chardonnay, (Booze) Calvados
Smarties/ other hard candy- Sour Beer, Muscat, Vodka
Reese’s/ chocolate- Chocolate Stout, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rye Whiskey
Licorice- Pilsner, Champagne, Gin



Here’s why

If nothing else, Halloween might be the one night of the year when you actually step outside and meet your neighbors, and nothing says “hi neighbor” better than sharing a cold one.

Not to mention, your fellow parents have to mentally prepare for Halloween for weeks; the sugar high, being on high alert for questionable candy, and watching out for the overall safety of their kids.

A beer on Halloween is a fun, festive, and friendly new traditions. Start yours this Halloween and officially be deemed the ‘cool house’.

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