How to stay focused until summer break

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Spring break might be just around the corner, but you’ve already got your mind set on summer vacation. There’s nothing longer, nothing more agonizing than the short, but excruciatingly long time between spring break and summer break. Once you come back from spring break with your fresh new tan, and your head filled with memories, staying focused is as difficult as ever. But hey, it’s really only 8 weeks give or take, away, and you can definitely keep your act together for 8 weeks. Here’s how:



Don’t simply fall back into your same routine. Think of this as a new era. Plan every planner, mark every calendar. Use the three-way method when it comes to marking down big events/ due dates; once in your planner, once on your calendar, and once on your phone. There’s no way you’ll forget that final exam date now! Replace flimsy notebooks with fresh new ones, maybe even treat yourself to a fresh set of pens. Whatever gets you motivated to do your best, treat yourself.


Make a countdown

Tbis is a sure fire way to set a fire under your- well you know what. A countdown is an excellent way to watch the numbers melt away. Today, there’s the option of electronic countdowns such as a countywide app that gives you a reminder daily, or there’s nothing wrong with your typical paper countdown. You’d be surprised at how satisfying ripping one little piece of paper away each day can be.


Don’t go out every night

This goes without saying, that’s what summer break is for, staying out late; but when you’re on the countdown to summer break, try to keep the partying and late nights to a minimum. Staying out late just puts an automatic kink in your system. Late nights mess up sleep routines, drinking gives you hangovers, and all that hard work you’ve put in up to this point can easily go down the drain. Save the partying for summer, it’s only a few more weeks.


Ditch the electronics

No matter how many times you’ve tried to convince yourself that listening to music helps you focus, watching videos on YouTube doesn’t count as “music”. If you’re trying to stay focused until summer break, and give it your all, ditch the devices. While you study, while you’re in class, any time related to your ultimate success, ditch the device. You’ll be surprised at how much more you will get accomplished without checking Instagram every 10 minutes.


Give yourself a break

You wouldn’t cram all your studying into the end right? So don’t cram in your breaks either. Give yourself a little mental break here and there. Take 15 minutes at a time during a long study session. Organize your assignments wisely so that you can have one full night off. Taking breaks will maintain your mental sanity, making it easier to stay focused, and making time until summer break go by faster. Maybe even treat yourself to a little 21+ beverage from time to time. You deserve it.

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