How to Survive an Office Party

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Good workplaces have parties. Great workplaces have parties with alcohol. But drinking with your fellow coworkers? Your boss even? Now that’s walking a thin line. But there’s no need to forego the party altogether. Studies show that companies that offer alcohol as an incentive actually produce employees that are more willing to work. Plus employees actually work faster and are better problem solvers, when they’ve had a little to drink. Today’s generation has worked hard to destigmatize drinking in the workplace, but there is still a need to know how and how much. Let us give you the know-how, so that you can survive you next Office party.


1. Know how much to drink before the event

This goes without saying, but if your boss is present, know your limits. If you set boundaries on how much you plan to drink during the party, before the party, this will help you resist the urge to over-indulge when faced with options. Much like eating, it is easy to get caught up in the enjoyment and general behavior of the party. One drink can more easily turn into eight, if you don’t set boundaries beforehand.

2. Don’t drink before the party 


When it comes to the office, there’s no need to ‘pre-game’. An office party is not an invitation to see who can drink the most. Most employees use the rule of thumb: two glasses of wine or two beers, to maintain safe and sensible drinking practices. If you drink beforehand, you run the risk of either: seeming anti-social by not drinking or having too much to drink in total that it jeopardizes your character and your career.

3. Don’t drink more than your boss


Even when you’re at an office party, since the word ‘office’ comes before ‘party’, your boss still calls the shots. Etiquette says to follow his/ her lead. This will ensure responsible drinking practices. If your boss orders an expensive whiskey, you may follow suit, but if they only order the beer on tap, stick to the beer. It’s only polite.

4. Still have fun 


The sole purpose of an office party is still to get loose; let your hair down, stay while. The fact that your boss will be their, does not mean that drinking is off limits, in fact, it’s encouraged. Office parties are a chance to show your boss and coworkers another side of you- the fun side. You’re more than just a pencil-pusher and great companies equipped with great bosses, look for individuals with unique personalities.


If your company is one of the few that offers happy hour after 4:30 pm, alcohol at parties, or drinks included at company dinners, be grateful! These are the companies that you’ll actually want to work for, and stay for a long time. These are the companies that have your best intentions in mind. So don’t ruin your chances and your work relationships by irresponsible drinking.

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