How to Survive: Weddings (Drinking do’s and dont’s)

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The last thing a  bride and groom (especially the bride) wants to do on their big day is worry about the guests. If you thought being the bride is hard, being a guest is even harder. There is etiquette on everything from the attire you wear to the meal you choose, and of course drinking at weddings can be the difference between being a great guest, or being asked to leave. Follow these simple do’s and dont’s and enjoy the wedding and reception from start to finish.

  • DO party. Let’s get one thing straight; you’re supposed to enjoy the wedding- a lot. The bride and groom put months of planning into this one event, basically to make everyone have a great time. Plus the more fun you’re having, the more fun everyone else will, including the bride and groom.
  • DON’T get wasted. Partying doesn’t mean overdoing it on the alcohol. Know your limit, and maybe even drink slightly less. It’s just plain respectful.



  • DO buy from the bar. If there isn’t an open bar and drinks must be purchased, buy one or two. Assuming there will be an open bar is distasteful. Again, the bride and groom want to see their festivities being enjoyed, even if you have to buy a few drinks at the bar.
  • DON’T assume you can bring a plus one. This falls right in line with drinking, eating, all of the above. If you bring an uninvited plus one, there is most  likely not a meal and certainly not enough drinks for him or her.


  • DO toast. There’s one thing for sure, there will be plenty of opportunities to drink,  but it will be accompanied by toasting. Hold your glasses up, toast, and congratulate the bride and groom whenever you can. They only get this day once.
  • DON’T bring your own canteen.  Even if you’re in the wedding party, don’t bring a canteen. No, the best man is not required to amp up the party with a hidden surprise. There will be plenty of alcohol available, there’s no need to risk getting wasted and spoiling the fun.

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