Leftover Alcohol: How to get the most out of every last drop

by / Friday, 27 September 2019 / Published in Drinking DIY, Random Ravings

There’s no doubt your favorite whiskey is good down to the very last drop, but for some reason, you just can’t think of anything to drink with that awkward shot and a half amount that’s left. Once you’ve taken a closer look at your alcohol cabinet, you also notice there’s an interesting array of unfinished, almost-gone, spirits, liqueurs, and hard alcohols; some of which have been there so long, you assume you can’t drink it.

Any alcohol fanatic’s cabinet surely looks just like this, and we all know there is no way to just simply throw it out. Now you don’t have to. Instead, learn the best ways to ‘recycle’ your alcohol; every last drop included.

Cook with it.


We all know that wine is called for in several delicious recipes, but did you know that whiskey and tequila pair perfectly with meat as well? No recipe needed here. If you have just an awkward splash of whiskey left in that old bottle, add it to your favorite baroque sauce for a unique flavor with a kick.

Fix your car with it.


That’s right. If your car battery has died, you can actually pour red wine into it, which is an acidic liquid that allows positive and negative electrons to move about freely, enough for the engine to start. Of course, be sure to take your car to the nearest service station right away; the red wine is a quick fix, not a permanent solution.

You may also combine 3 cups vodka with 2 cups water and 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid to replace windshield wiper fluid. You won’t believe how clean your windshield will be.

Make a punch.


There’s a reason a good punch is so delicious- its different every time, and there’s no wrong way to make it. Combine whatever you have left in your alcohol closet, one to two liquors, with a variety of fruit juices and a lemon lime base soda, and you will almost always have yourself a delicious punch.

Glam your hair.


Ever feel like your hair is just a little lackluster these days? Try adding some hops to your shampoo. Hops can give your hair body, shine, and volume. To use simple bring ¾ cups beers to a boil, simmer until it reduces to ¼ cup and add to 1 cup shampoo. Mix well and voila! You don’t even have to tell anyone your secret.

Infuse it.


If you’re just not interested in what’s left in your alcohol cabinet, but that half bottle would be such a waste to throw out, try giving it a new flavor by infusing what you have left. Cut melons, cucumbers, vegetables, even bacon into small squares and drop into bottles of liquor. For example gin and blueberries make an excellent combination, as well as bacon and vodka. You’ll surely be excited to drink these liquors now.

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