Myth or Fact: Best Alcohol Hacks

by / Saturday, 13 April 2019 / Published in Drinking DIY, Random Ravings

You’ve probably heard of some pretty amazing things you can do to better your alcohol drinking experience. Unfortunately, not every hack is as great as we want them to be. Continue reading to learn which classic alcohol hacks are myth and which are fac.



#1 Drop a raisin in champagne if it’s flat to return bubbly-ness.

Fact. Never lose a bottle of champagne again. The best part is, dropping a raisin in doesn’t change the flavor.

#2 Caffeine can sober you up. 

Myth. Although caffeine can decrease the amount of sleepiness caused by alcohol, it doesn’t ‘sober you up’ or decrease the amount of alcohol in your system.


#3 Drink one drink an hour to stay sober enough to drive.

Myth. Although the body does on average metabolize alcohol at a rate of one drink an hour, it is only an average. Different bodies process alcohol at different rates, so stay on the safe side and don’t drive.

#4 You can open your beer with a stapler.

Fact. No bottle opener? You’re welcome.

#5 Mixing alcohol gets you more drunk.

Myth. Most people will tell you if you start drinking beer keep drinking beer, otherwise mixing different liquors will make you more drunk. But this is untrue; mixing alcohols might make you sicker, but it won’t make you more or less drunk throughout the night.



#6 Add a few sprinkles to an ice bucket and watch your drink cool off immediately.

Fact. Even a completely warm beer. You’d be amazed at what just a few sprinkles can do.

#7  “Breaking the seal” makes you urinate more.

Myth. Just because you pee once doesn’t mean you’ll have to pee more. However, keep in mind that alcohol does make you urinate more than other liquids.

#8 Freeze your leftover wine in an ice cube tray to use for sauces and cooking.

Fact. Now this one is just plain helpful. You’ll be glad you read this.




#9 Eliminate beer foam by adding olive oil.

Fact. Now you don’t have to wait for all that foam to dissipate; which means enjoying your beer much more quickly.

#10  Blend  cheap alcohol to make it more enjoyable.

Fact. It wouldn’t be a life hack without a tip like this. That cheap bottle of vodka? Add a few ice cubes and blend into a slushee cooler; it’s so fun you’ll forget how bad it tastes.


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