Rainy Day Drinking Games

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Rainy DayDrinking Games

On those rainy weekends when the weather is keeping you and your friends inside, a fun way to pass the time is to play a drinking game with some of your friends. Invite a few guests over, entice them with the promise of festivity and free pizza (free pizza will almost always do the trick).


Shot Roulette

This is a good game to play if you have a variety of leftover types of alcohol. It’s a perfect way to empty a lingering bottle. To play shot roulette, you will need to have small cups or a ton of shot glasses, as well as access to a large table. The dining table or a large coffee table will work just fine.

Now that you have gathered up all the supplies, you can begin to arrange the cups or shot glasses. Space them out evenly in a circle shape. Fill each of the cups up with a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You definitely want to mix it up so your guests won’t have to take an exorbitant amount of shots back to back. It is all up to fate.

Use an empty bottle to put in the center and spin. Guests can take turns spinning, and wherever it lands, is the shot the spinner has to take. When all the cups are empty, the game is over, everyone wins.

Drunk Jenga

This game is especially easy if you already own a Jenga set. If not, they are pretty inexpensive. All you will need to do is take a marker and write various ‘challenges’ on each of the pieces. There are many variations of this well known drinking game, so you can decide to use a unique set of rules or pick your favorites from photo above.

To play, you will just use regular Jenga rules. For those not familiar, you stack the tower to set it up. Players pull out one block at a time, and have to adhere to the rule or challenge on the block. Just like in the traditional game, whichever player causes the tower to fall on their turn is the loser, so make sure to set up a challenge for the losing player!

Television and Film These Games

Many people have designed drinking games based off of popular television and film. You can make up your own game or do a quick search online for hundreds of options. For a rainy day, having some friends over to watch a show or movie can be a fun low cost party idea for a smaller group.

Making some themed cocktails to offer your guests will certainly add some more fun to this TV party. Check out a few of our favorites and give one a try at your next party.


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