Secrets of a Bartender- How to be productive after an unexpected long night of drinking.

by / Wednesday, 17 October 2018 / Published in Random Ravings

Let’s face it. Life’s a party. You go to a 5-Star restaurant, they feature the alcohol. There’s a bar on every corner and a liquor store on every block. And it’s hard to ignore the 5 unread text messages inviting you to go out. So let’s face it, you’re bound to drink, on an insert school/ work night. Once you do, you have two options: one, play the “keep it in line” role. With this method you try your best to drinking responsibly and with limits. Or two, play the “walk the line” game, which means you can’t predict what the night will hold.

Know your limits


You’ve played the game long enough, you know your limits. You have successfully measured the exact amount and combination of alcohol you can consume, and have only a slight hangover. So if you choose to drink conservatively on a school/work night, more power to you for having self-control. And the less you’ll have to fake your ability to function the next day. Here are the major tips for a successfully conservative night of drinking:

• Show up early to the party (or bar, or wherever it is you will be drinking).
Be the first one there, not the last. Start drinking early. You know fully well this will allow the maximum amount of time for your body to process the alcohol.

• Eat in between drinks, especially carbs, mmm carbs. Enjoy the thrill of drinking, but speed up the recovery process by allowing the extra carbs to soak it up.

• Check the time. We all know nothing good ever happens after midnight, so don’t get caught up in others’ drunken frenzy when you’re trying to conserve. Leave the party at an appropriate time (before midnight).

Push your limits


We already declared, life’s a party, and you’re meant to enjoy it. So if a night of enjoyment turns into drinking way more than you intended, here are a few things that may help. Keep in mind that in this version, calling in sick is not an option. You still have work (or class) in 6 hours, were here to help you make it productive. It won’t be pretty, it will be rough, but we’ll get you through it if you follow these tips:

• Show up. There’s no doubt that if you drink on a school/ work night, you’ll feel the repercussions the next day, but there is hope. Showing up to class/work is still a positive for you so congrats.

• Avoid any indication that you may have been drinking. Don’t talk about drinking, don’t think about drinking, and certainly don’t tell anyone you’ve been drinking. Telling people just makes them treat you differently.

• Aim for quantity not quality. Try to complete tasks that require less brain function, since yours will be clearly limited. It may feel like you’re moving in slow-motion, but hey at least you’re getting something done.

Just remember: party hard, but work harder.

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