Summer Scandals: Most ridiculous things you’ve done while drunk

by / Monday, 22 July 2019 / Published in Random Ravings, Take a break!

Summer means school is out and fun is in. Even if you don’t get a complete break from work, there is just something about summer that brings about a sense of euphoria. When you’re drinking, its easy to let inhibitions go. That being said, we all have our own summer scandals; those comical stories that we’d rather not share, but we’re going to.



  • After a long day and night of drinking I woke up in bed and went to grab my phone, it wasn’t there, but there was a peice of toast in its place. After looking around the house for the phone I found it, in the microwave covered in melted cheese.” – Unknown
  • My friend got so drunk last night, we went to the tattoo shop across the street and he got Brad tattooed in his arm pit so he has a Brad Pitt tattoo…” -Unknown
  • “I got blackout drunk on wine, and signed myself up for America’s Got Talent…I didn’t find out until I got an email letting me know I made it to the audition phase.” -Unknown



  • I once spilled beer on my socks at a party and decided that the quickest way for me to dry them off was a minute or two in the microwave… I left the kitchen with someone yelling out “Who’s cooking a sock?!” -Unknown
  • Having to be carried home is never fun. I also once bought a treadmill, had no idea about it until it came, and realized the huge amount of money I spent.” -Unknown
  • “One time I peed the bed. When I woke I was still drunk and put the sheets in the toilet thinking it was a washing machine” -Unknown



  • I got so drunk one time I lit my passport on fire, while I was vacationing in South America” -Unknown
  • “I had a friend who got so drunk, he woke up in a different hotel, with his pants on backwards, and $60” -Unknown
  • At my school, there was program that allowed the drunkest person at the bar to receive a free cab ride home, courtesy of the university. This sounds like some kind of honour, but trust me – it is not. One faithful Friday, I got drunk enough that I decided to take a nap on the floor of the bar. Guess who won?!” -Unknown
  • I was once so drunk that I left a club and demanded my cab driver take me to Niagara Falls. Why you ask? NO clue. But it was a nice, fat, bill for a one-way trip with no purpose.” -Unknown

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