Why you should be drinking warm beer this fall

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If cold beer is ideal for warm days, then warm beer is ideal for cold days, right?

Somehow the phrase ‘warm beer’ has received a lot of negative connotations over time, but we’re here to debunk that myth.

For several reasons, warm beer is actually preferred during cold weather, and these are all the reasons why you should be giving it a try.


Warm beer is timeless

We’re not sure exactly where down the line, the facts got muddled, but let’s get one thing straight- in its early days hot ales were actually a staple. Hot beer provided comfort on chilly winter nights, and made up for the nutrients that lacked when meals were hard to come by.

These beers were also more malty ales that fermented quickly, without refrigeration, and offered a full-bodied sweetness hat was best enjoyed unchilled.

For a step back to quality beer, try looking for beer with these characteristics.


It’s more flavorful

If nothing else, cold beer has just been a ploy. A way to mask flavorless, lower quality beer than its original tavern-style ancestors.

Beers that are ‘best served ice cold’ actually just masks their watery lagers by chilling them until they are unrecognizable.

In addition to freezing it to death, the cold also increases carbonation which just gives the drink a pleasant tingle, but still less flavor.

Any beer worth drinking shouldn’t be served under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When drinking wheat beers and pilsners at home, don’t use a chilled glass. Instead, let the beer sit out for a while until it is almost room temperature and observe how a world of new flavors opens up.


The higher the alcohol content, the warmer the beer

You won’t truly be able to understand it until you try it, but the aromatic characteristics of beer truly open up when you don’t serve it ice cold.

For a better appreciation of alcohol this fall, another good rule of thumb is the higher the alcohol content, the warmer the beer should be. This allows both the flavor and alcohol to have a greater, more satisfying effect.


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