Work Out Hard, Party Hard

by / Thursday, 26 March 2020 / Published in Drinking DIY

You went hard. Ran a few miles, lifted some weights, swam some laps. You have goals for your body and you’ve been focused min them. But now the sun is setting and your friends are calling for some much-needed social interaction. They want to hit the bar- and you’re sitting there trying to measure how many drinks you can have with the minimal amount of calories to not screw up your hard work.

Luckily these days companies like Truly and even Budweiser have taken into account the vast majority of people who work hard on their bodies and also want to occasionally go hard in the paint. 

Hard seltzer is the newest addition to the alcohol scene. We’ve all been drinking seltzer anyway- that guilt-free carbonated greatness- and now we can sip it with alcohol at the end of a long day without worrying about gaining a few pounds of bloat in the process.

Photo by Michael Discenza

Lots of companies have jumped on the hard seltzer bandwagon and all boast pretty much the same stats: 100 calories per can, lots of carbonated flavors and a minimal amount of carbs and sugar. Budweiser has created their own line of Budlight Seltzers in a variety of fun flavors that taste great and won’t kill your calories for the day. They’re made with fermented fruit alcohol which is cleaner than even the most common low-cal cocktails.

For a while, you could only buy hard seltzers in the grocery store or gas station, but now thankfully bars and clubs have stocked up and you can order a Truly or Budlight seltzer almost anywhere. A whole new culture has begun in the wake of these light beverages and quite ingeniously pulled gym rats from their eight o’clock bedtimes and back into the fun.

What a time to live in. No more summer pool parties worrying about alcohol bloat. No more skipping dinner for those whiskey calories. Hard seltzer goes hard for your body and tastes delicious too. 

So go hard. 


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