Written in the stars: What alcohol are you based on your zodiac sign?

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We all have that one drink that we can just enjoy time and time again. Call it an acquired taste, call it your comfort zone, but perhaps there’s a celestial connection. Your zodiac sign can tell you your overall demeanor, who you are more likely to be friends with, and other mild personality traits, but did you ever think it might tell you what alcohol you are? Continue reading and you can find out. Here’s what alcohol you are based on your zodiac sign:



1. Aries- Vodka. If you’re an Aries, there’s one word to describe you, BOLD. You’re adventurous and you bring the thrills, that’s why your drink is vodka. You’re versatile and adapt to any drink/ situation.

2. Taurus- Beer. Beer is chill. A Taurus is chill. If you’re a Taurus you can kick back with just about anyone, and let’s face it- is there anything more chill than a beer?

3. Gemini- Tequila. Everyone knows that a Gemini goes through life on the edge of their seat. You’re thirsty for knowledge and experience, exactly what tequila makes you do; create new memories.


4. Cancer- Gin. We’ve got two words for a Cancer: mysterious and moody. So it’s no surprise that if you’re a Cancer, your drink is definitely Gin. We all know that Gin is equally as mysterious; so refreshing yet so much, what is this weird taste?

5. Leo- Red wine. Leo. Lion. Leader. It’s no surprise all of these words are associated. A Leo is a natural born leader; charismatic, strong, and destined for greatness, much like an old, fermented red grape. Enter, red wine. If you’re a Leo your drink is definitely red wine, just as classy as you are.

6. Virgo- White wine. If you’ve ever poured a glass of white wine, then you can definitely admire the way the light shines through the glass; like a beautiful ray of sunshine. And if you’re a Virgo, well then you are sunshine. So sip on that delicious glass of white wine and fuel the light.  


7. Libra- Whiskey. Libras are classy. The no-drama type. That’s why their drink is whiskey. It’s a laid-back, no-drama type of drink that’s as classic as time itself.

8. Scorpio- Moonshine. Most of us know better, you don’t mess with a Scorpio. It is the most powerful sign and needs a powerful drink to back it up. That’s why Scorpios are the equivalent of moonshine. It’s hardcore and like Scorpios, wise beyond its years.

9. Sagittarius- Champagne. Everyone loves champagne, or at least everyone can drink it; at weddings, at parties, for brunch with mimosas. A Sagittarius, like champagne is classy and well-liked.


10. Capricorn- Scotch. What can we say about Capricorn’s? The truth is, they’re not very popular among the zodiac signs, and they’re well aware. Hence why they’re just like Scotch; an acquired taste and not the most popular drink at the bar. If you’re a Capricorn, you may not be the favorite, but you don’t mind sitting back and just waiting…for your moment.

11. Aquarius- Boxed wine. We might not all admit it, but everyone needs boxed wine in their life, just like everyone needs an Aquarius. Aquarius are nonjudgmental so they don’t care what kind of container their wine comes in, as long as it’s wine.

12. Pisces- Absinthe. Absinthe. Oh absinthe. For the few that have ever tried absinthe, surely you have memories (or don’t have them) of a night full of debauchery and craze. Pisces are th creative geniuses of the zodiac signs, hence why absinthe is the only drink that could possibly keep up.


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