Your Drinking Guide to the First Date

by / Monday, 07 January 2019 / Published in Random Ravings

First impressions don’t stop at the mirror. If you were hoping to impress your date by the outfit you chose, you should also consider how to impress them with your drink order. It could mean the difference between a second date or not?


1. Gin and Tonic

If you’ve never had one before, chances are you’ve heard of it or seen them ordered in movies. This is because a gin and tonic is as simple as they come. The ingredients are right in the name, so you know every bar will have it and know how to make it. It’s simplicity also shows that you’re a mature, laid-back, and dependable person.

2. Manhattan

The Manhattan is all the class you need. Also having few ingredients (only 2, plus bitters) this drink is easy to make at any bar. Show your date that you’re sophisticated, yet simple by ordering a Manhattan, because a Martini is just too typical.



3. The beer & A shot

On the other hand, if you’re not trying to send any serious vibes, the classic beer and a shot is the way to go. A first date should be fun and unserious anyway right? This drink order really goes to show if you and your date are on the same page; fun night out versus total clinger status?

4. Sidecar

The sidecar will win you yet another eye raise from your date. This drink shows that you are more well-versed and experienced than others, since it’s not your classic cocktail order. In a sea of first dates, that’s the goal isn’t it- to stand out from the rest.




5. Wine

If all else fails, or if you’re at a restaurant and not a bar or pub, choose wine. With so many varieties and delectable food pairings, you’re bound to find one that both you and your date can enjoy. It may even help to brush up on your wine knowledge before the date. Just remember not to “show-off”.


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