How many times have you been in or witnessed an awkward situation that would have just been much more tolerable if you were drunk?  Yeah, us too.  For that reason we have decided to come up with this quick, funny list of the times you’re glad you were/are drunk. 1. You do something embarrassing.  This


Quick!  What’s your favorite beer?  Is it Hoppy?  Is it a Stout?  Is it light?  Does it taste better in a bottle or can?  Is it cheap?  If you couldn’t answer all of those questions in a matter of 5 seconds, chances are you are what we so affectionately call a “non-beer” drinker.  Don’t be


One day we were sitting around, waiting for you guys to place an order on and put us to work when we had a discussion…what’s the difference between day drinking and drinking on a night out? Well, after scouring the ends of the Earth…aka our minds, this is what we have come up with.


Shots are definitely not for the weak.  They are, however, for the adventurous and the go-getters of drinking.  At some point, everyone should try shots.  There are so many out there, you’re bound to find AT LEAST ONE you like.  My personal favorite?  Lemon Drop shots, Patron shots, and this delicious shot called a Strawberry


Happy Summer BeerRightNow users.  Ever sat and pondered your life and accomplishments and thought, “Man, I could have really used a BeerRightNow delivery”?  Of course you have!  We have too.  Just for fun, we have compiled a few times when we could have really used a delivery.  Comment and share some of your times too!


Here’s an article just for laughs.  We all have our nicknames for various alcohols, so we here at BeerRightNow asked around and found the top names for what each bottle of alcohol should really say.  These are far too hilarious not to share, so you’re welcome. 1. Wine – We know wine gets a bad

Foods to Avoid When Drinking

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Well howdy-do BeerRightNow-ers.  Today’s lesson is on what NOT to eat when you are enjoying a night of drinking.  Drinking is sort of like being under the influence of (medicinal, of course) inhalants; it gives you the munchies.  Don’t get us wrong, it is good to snack while drinking because it slows the absorption of


Have a hankering for a mixed drink but not sure what mixer to include? Have no fear, BeerRightNow is here! Here are a few suggestions for mixing. Tequila: 1. Lemon-Lime Soda (Any kind) 2. Orange Juice and Grenadine (Also known as a Tequila Sunrise) 3. Lime Juice 4.Grapefruit Juice 5. Grapefruit Soda, Lime, Salt (Also

How to Drink in the Summer Heat

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Summer is in full effect and the heat is unbearable! As you may know, it’s common for people when drinking to sweat profusely. This can be from a variety of reasons like alcohol intolerance, drinking more alcohol than your liver can metabolize, or other things. With the heat of the sun beaming down on you


We all have the occasional sweet tooth. Here are a few recipes that combine two of your favorite things: sweets and booze! Happy eating! Grapefruit Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet Makes 1 quart 2 1/2 cups freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, strained 1/2 cup sugar + 2 tablespoons 1/2 cup pomegranate juice 1/2 cup champagne 2 tablespoons freshly


Alright, so it’s Saturday Night and you’ve been given the not-so-coveted title of being the Designated Driver or DD for short.  But, while you’re cursing under your breath, let us share some insight on your situation.  This is actually a blessing in disguise!  How, you ask?  Sit back, grab a…soda…and read on. The first reason

Alcohol Myths_BBL_0

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. But, while you’re here, I might as well share some information. We here at have scoured the world trying to find out the truth about mixing liquor and beer. The truth is, any type of alcohol consumed in too large of a quantity can be detrimental to