Drinks You Can Eat

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Every party you have ever been to has like had jello shots circulating through the building. Those jiggly colorful little cups are irresistible and incredibly fun to eat. Oftentimes you can hardly taste the booze, giving you a loosy goosy bodily surprise when you hit the dance floor. While jello shots are fun, they are


One of the most iconic and thirst quenching summer fruits is melon– specifically watermelon. While appropriately named for its composition of mostly water, the fleshy pink fruit is succulent with a unique sweetness that evokes park picnic table nostalgia. Here is a list some some unconventionally fruit-inspired beers to satisfy your green rind cravings.  

Campfire Cocktails

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Summer is synonymous for camping season, which means it’s time to step up your drinking expertise. Sure, every camp fire has its staples: beer, soda, coffee, hot dogs, brats, chips… But why stick to the norm when there are so many other possibilities? A camping trip is a getaway after all. Take the opportunity to

5 Deliciously Drunken Floats

Monday, 09 May 2016 by

Things are starting to heat up as summer approaches, and ice cream trucks are trolling the streets. Diners and fast food chains are beginning to sell more cool treats, and one of the most popular is a good old fashioned soda float. There is something incredibly appealing about a melty fizzy mess, but the only

Best Summer Brunch Cocktails

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Mother’s Day is prime time to step out for a few morning cocktails. The weather is beautiful, the produce is fresh, and the world seems a little bit brighter deep into spring. With the recent celebration as inspiration, here are five of the best summer brunch cocktails that may just start a new Sunday tradition


Anyone can create cocktails like a pro if they have the right tools and ingredients. Even if the alcohol isn’t of premium quality it can always be spruced up with fresh fruit and herbs. Some of the most iconic cocktails in history can attribute their prestige and popularity to effort in freshly muddled greenery. Here


Whiskey novices as well as seasoned lovers can often become confused by the defining factors that separate Bourbon from Rye. There are not only geographical requirements, but there is a very specific distillation process in place. Consider these main differences between the whiskey cousins when shopping for your next bottle to accommodate the occasion, especially

NYC: Boats, Beer, and B…

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New York City may be a hustling and bustling metropolitan, but it does not fall short when it comes to aquatic and nautical themed activities. Visitors and residents of the Big Apple should never fret when seeking out their own personal water world the next time they want to capitalize on their day drinking opportunities, for

Glass of beer

‘Tis the season for ripe juicy fruits and refreshing clean beer. Spring produces some of the best seasonal brews the industry has to offer that will make you want to pluck a guitar on your front porch through thunderstorm and sunset– even if you don’t know how to play guitar. Some are widely distributed while

More Beer for Your Buck

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It’s baseball season, and you have been put in charge of bringing booze to the next tailgate. The parking lot wouldn’t be complete without a nice Pilsner or pale ale, but we all know beer isn’t that cheap, especially when providing for a large group of very hungry and very enthusiastic sports fans. Here is


It is incredibly easy to profile strangers and guess their alcohol of choice based on appearance and first impressions. But if you dive a little deeper you can analyze the different levels to someone’s personality based on sub-category of their preferred beverage. Beer drinkers can even examine their own tendencies based on the brew they


Pabst Blue Ribbon, better known in modern times as PBR, made its first radio appearance in 1942 when the owners found it beneficial to collaborate with various celebrities and musicians to help reach a broader audience. Many of these household names had never even tried the beer. The brand started gaining popularity through various television