Refreshing Beer Cocktails

Sunday, 22 May 2016 by

Beer is a beverage of choice by many. It is casual and conducive to a happy social environment. Sometimes beer, when by itself, can be a bit too heavy or overbearing, particularly in the midst of a blazing hot summer day. Even just a touch of citrus can help to eliminate the feeling of carbohydrate


Sometimes imbibing your booze just doesn’t fully satisfy the palate. Sometimes your party calls for a little more creativity. Sometimes you are just feeling experimental and want to test your limits with the brand new bottle of tequila. When it comes to booze, you can make just about anything to live up to your cravings


We’ve all been there. You’re at a tailgating event or chilling on the porch with your friends. You just bought a six-pack of your favorite craft brew and are excited to share. But for some reason twist off caps are hard to come by, and there is no bottle opener in sight. Here are some

Drinks You Can Eat

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 by

Every party you have ever been to has like had jello shots circulating through the building. Those jiggly colorful little cups are irresistible and incredibly fun to eat. Oftentimes you can hardly taste the booze, giving you a loosy goosy bodily surprise when you hit the dance floor. While jello shots are fun, they are

Campfire Cocktails

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 by

Summer is synonymous for camping season, which means it’s time to step up your drinking expertise. Sure, every camp fire has its staples: beer, soda, coffee, hot dogs, brats, chips… But why stick to the norm when there are so many other possibilities? A camping trip is a getaway after all. Take the opportunity to

5 Deliciously Drunken Floats

Monday, 09 May 2016 by

Things are starting to heat up as summer approaches, and ice cream trucks are trolling the streets. Diners and fast food chains are beginning to sell more cool treats, and one of the most popular is a good old fashioned soda float. There is something incredibly appealing about a melty fizzy mess, but the only


Anyone can create cocktails like a pro if they have the right tools and ingredients. Even if the alcohol isn’t of premium quality it can always be spruced up with fresh fruit and herbs. Some of the most iconic cocktails in history can attribute their prestige and popularity to effort in freshly muddled greenery. Here


This day and age, it’s nearly impossible to be young without being resourceful. There is a short cut or alternative to everything in life, and delicious cocktails are no exception. Maybe the weather is bad. Maybe you forgot an essential ingredient and the nearest store is twenty minutes away. Maybe you’re just plain lazy. Either


The younger generation is one to appreciate parties, nightlife, live music, and good drinks. Bars, clubs, and live music venues are prime locations for experiencing the culture of a growing city, especially one rich with colleges and innovative professions. But millennials will know that money isn’t as easy to manage as it used to be.


  It’s a Friday night and your friends need to go out! Someone calls an Uber, and you and your friends squeeze into a black car on the way downtown. It’s quiet in the car. Too quiet. You’re in the front seat though. You can feel what’s coming. Somebody has to be car DJ for

The 5 Best Drinks for Winter

Friday, 15 January 2016 by

Winter evokes a certain emotion for drinkers; perhaps a memory of a ski trip seven years ago with friends, an escape to a bed and breakfast with a former flame, or the biggest snowfall of all time in your town. In any case, winter is the best season to break out your bar-tending chops, or

Strange but Effective Ways to Open a Beer

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 by

We’ve all been in the predicament where we just got a cold beer, but we forgot our bottle opener!  Sometimes, the desire for that crisp fermented taste is so strong, you just HAVE to find a way to get inside that bottle!  Need some ideas?  Here are a few methods that work as a great