Don’t let a small space discourage you from throwing a big party. Some see close quarters, others see a great conversation in the making. A small space doesn’t mean invite less guests, it means invite a ton of guests and expect better conversations, closer relationships, and a way bigger dance floor. The key to throwing an


Everyone knows about drunken gummy bears, but we’re taking it up a notch. We’re not talking about your average college party where vodka-soaked gummy treats give you even more of a kick than regular alcohol does; no, we’re talking about an array of foods you never knew could be soaked in alcohol to expand your


  The last thing a  bride and groom (especially the bride) wants to do on their big day is worry about the guests. If you thought being the bride is hard, being a guest is even harder. There is etiquette on everything from the attire you wear to the meal you choose, and of course

How to host a paint and wine party

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Paint and wine boutiques are popping up by the dozen these days, and while they do make for an excellent evening with friends, the cost can be less than excellent. A few supplies, a few bottles of wine, and an easy how-to painting is all it takes, but when you go to a creative shop, you


Ever wonder what happy people and champagne have in common? That’s right, bubbles. This means they’re lighthearted, floating on air, nothing can hold me down kind of people. Being a happy, positive person takes a conscious effort. There are several things that all happy people do. If you’re interested in becoming a happier person, let’s start

Make the most unique Bloody Mary

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    A Bloody Mary in the morning is nothing short of a classic. This cocktail contains a blend of tomato juice,  vodka, and other spices and flavors such as Worcestershire sauce, garlic, herbs, and celery, to name a few. The Bloody Mary is the staple of any brunch and enjoyed by the most sophisticated


Maybe you’re just not a beach person, maybe your winter bod hasn’t completely transitioned to a summer bod, or maybe the beach is just too been there, done that. Whatever the reason, we know that going to the beach for Spring Break is typical, but if you’re looking for a one of a kind vacation


They say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but if you drink anytime in the a.m., chances are you’ll get allllll the dirty looks. What most people don’t know is that drinking at breakfast was a tradition in England. In fact, it was specifcally named having a ‘breakfast beer’. While no one is completely sure when this tradition changed,


  If you’re in the mood for baseball, beers, sunshine, and good times, Spring Training in Arizona is the place to be. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy 85 degrees of sunshine and an ice cold beer. With 10 Sping Training facilities, rumor is you can see three games in a day. That’s a

Best Drinks for Camping

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  Nothing beats a cold beer around a campfire, but beer isn’t your only option just because you’re spending the weekend outdoors. Whether you’re spending time alone or with friends; trying to cozy up to the fire or cooling down, you can make everyone a happy camper with one of these delicious recipes. So pitch


Everyone wants to have a good time, but still look good doing it. Drinking is fun, but wouldn’t it be even more fun, if you knew it could be easy on your waistline and the scale? Most people have heard that wine has fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean that other spirits, even beer is


Surely they don’t have- BYOB, bring your own bottle opener parties, but they should right? Not being able to open the delicious bottle you brought is equally as bad as not bringing one at all. If you’re a regular, you’ve probably got the flip-flops with bottle openers affixed to the bottom, but for those of