You spend 8-10 hours a day with your coworkers, maybe even more. So its no surprise that you’ll spend a little quality time with them outside of the office. After work drinks are fun, but its important to maintain some professionalism while you do. Follow these drinking tips and tricks to make sure you can


  If there’s one thing you’re sure to be doing this summer, its traveling. Staying in a hotel is the most relaxing part of any vacation: room service, poolside drinks, and a fresh made bed every morning. As luxurious as hotels may be, we all know that even one pitfall can ruin the entire experience. To


Many people turn to alcohol as a stress-reliever without knowing the positive and adverse affects behind it. It is true that alcohol in small, safe amounts can reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, it has similar effects as anxiety medication. However the common misconception is that the more alcohol you consume, the less stressed you


Our best days are ahead of you, but you should always live in the present right? Nowadays it seems that unless you’re married with kids working a 9-5, you haven’t really ‘made it’ yet, but we’ve got something to say about that. Surely your time will come, you’ll meet the right person and settle down,

If you’re not spending summer at the ballpark, is it even summer at all? Also it doesn’t take a genius to know that beers and baseball go hand in hand- literally you should have a beer in your hand. And of course going to the stadium is no rough life either. That’s why some of

  Even if its not Mother’s Day, every mom deserves a mom’s night out; ideally once a week, but we know that’s asking a lot. If not once a week, we still believe that moms everywhere should always make a little extra time for themselves. If you’re a mom, make sure you dress up and

DIY: Adult Easter Egg Hunt

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For those of you that think Easter egg hunts are only for kids, then you’ve never tried an adult Easter egg hunt; aka Egg-stravaganza, Easter egg Dash, Easter egg experience! If they are hosting one of these adult Easter egg hunts in your area, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, here’s exactly how to host one yourself.


Lets face it; summer is great, but mostly, it’s just plain HOT. The remedy however is simple: just spend your days floating in the pool. Better yet, float away with friends, and your troubles quickly melt away. A pool party is about more than just getting in the pool. If you want to throw a


You don’t have to travel far to ‘getaway’ this summer. In fact, some of the most incredible, picturesque resorts are right here in the continental U.S. From all-inclusive to island paradises, the most beautiful places are just beyond your doorstep. So whether you’re headed north, south, east, or westward; try one of these top 4

Girl’s Night IN

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Girl's Night IN (3)

Ladies, the weekend is approaching and it’s time for a much needed girl’s night IN! Maybe you’ve had a stressful week, don’t want to go out and put in much effort, or are on a budget. Regardless, you deserve a night in and away from the daily stressors of the world. The idea of a

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So, you’re at a party on a Friday night with a friend. For some reason your friend leaves you and you’re all alone with all these strangers , what do you do? Sit on a couch in the corner of Snap Chat? NO! You  should make some new  friends, here is how: 1. Pretend you are

Best Rooftop Bars in Los Angeles

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Best Rooftop Bars in Los Angeles Whether you’re looking for a great date spot or just a place to hang out with friends during the warmer months in L.A., you’re in luck. There’s definitely a huge pick of places to choose from, with vibes ranging from Mediterranean beach lounging to a pervasive hipster aesthetic. With