Summer is for camping trips. Whether you’re escaping the heat to cooler weather or just changing the scenery for the summer, no camping trip is complete without a campfire. S’mores are great, but there are other delectable treats, even meals that you can just as easily make over a campfire. Just make sure you have


Cruising can be one of the best trips you’ll ever go on. Most of them include a drinking package so you can enjoy your R & R with ease, and even if you don’t opt for this all-inclusive package beforehand, you’ll still get that R & R. The only thing the cruise ship won’t include


The classic beer in your hand has met its match this summer. A beer might be refreshing, but a spritzer is refreshing and then some. There’s just something about the bubbles, the fruits, and the endless possibilities for your tastebuds that spritzers offer. If you haven’t made yourself an alcoholic spritzer yet this summer, start

Boozy Summer Slushies

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What’s the only thing you need to cool off when it’s hot outside? Ice. That’s why these Boozy summer slushies are the only go-to drinks you need this summer. Plus they’re incredibly easy to make. So make sure you have plenty of crushed ice on hand and be ready to cool off.   Mermaid Layered

Red, White, and Booze

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There is nothing greater than the independence of America. Friends, family, fireworks, and beers are the typical staples of this glorious holiday. While there’s nothing wrong with a great beer, there are even more delicious ways to enjoy Independence Day.   Snow Cone Shots If you’re enjoying the fireworks outside, theres one thing you know

7 Best Summer Beer

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  Everyone loves a good Corona and lime in the summer, but would you believe that there are beers even more suitable for summer? Whether its a hint of salt, a twist of citrus, or a splash of coconut, these are the beers you’ll want to be drinking all summer long.   1. Sixpoint Jammer- This Gose-style


There is little else more refreshing than a zesty lemon on a hot summer day. That is, besides lemon flavored alcohol. The combination of flavors is refreshing, delicious, and takes the edge off after a long day. Lemonade lovers will rejoice over these lemon flavored liquors that you can purchase for your summer indulgence.   Sovrano Limoncello


Nothing says summer like the taste of coconut, but nothing says summer fun like a coconut cocktail. It’s just one of those flavors that tastes the most refreshing when the sun is the most hot. You’ve most likely not heard of a coconut cocktail in the winter, because coconuts belong in the summer. This summer


    You love your mom. Your mom loves alcohol- and you of course. That’s why this Mother’s Day is the perfect way to give her the best of both worlds. So skip the gifts and share a drink with your mom this Mother’s Day. We promise you’re sure to make more meaningful memories together


Just because your drink is a flop, doesn’t mean your bartender is. We’ve all been there; ordered a drink we expect is going to taste one way, only to approach the bartender and ask for a completely new drink. Whether its their first day on the job or their millionth, drink mishaps are bound to

Best boozy coffee creations

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You probably love coffee, but you also love alcohol. Both give you a unique pick me up, but have you ever tried the two together? We all know that a little Bailey’s lends itself perfectly to coffee, but the possibilities are endless. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, order your favorite


  If you’ve finished too many alcohol bottle to count in your time, there’s a better way to upcycle the things that served you liquid deliciousness. In a world where DIY’s and crafts are everything, finally here’s a few crafts that you can actually appreciate. Starting with #1, our favorite. 1. Daily use glasses What better