Boozy Christmas Cookies

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Boozy Christmas Cookies There’s only one thing that Santa loves more than cookies and milk; milk and cookies with a little twist. What better way to enjoy your favorite drinks than in your favorite holiday treats? These adult-only recipes will get you ready for the holidays, as long as you don’t forget to slip Santa

Health Benefits of Whiskey

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Whiskey is becoming an increasingly popular drink, not only in 2019 alone, but especially during the holiday season. There’s nothing new about it. Whiskey has been the same for decades, and yet new generations continue to find it more and more appealing? Perhaps it’s due to its many surprising health benefits, so that while drinking


Ugly Christmas sweaters are cute right? But ugly Christmas drinks are not. Nonetheless, if they’re ugly, they should be paired together. So don’t let your guests go thirsty this year, and serve them the best worst cocktails that go great— er bad with those sweaters. 1. Snowballs There’s a very good reason these are first


You do it every year, make a New Year’s Resolution. We can all raise our glasses to that. Make this year different, raise the right kind of glass by creating a cocktail that compliments your newest ambitions. If your Resolution is to…. Exercise more/ Lose weight Probably the number one most common Resolution ever, so

25 Days of Wine

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As if you needed more reasons to enjoy a drink this holiday season, we’ve got 12. Do you remember those advent calendars you loved as a child? Well they’re not just for children anymore. Celebrate the holidays with an advent calendar of, you guessed it, wine. Wine advent calendars make the perfect gift for friends,

Tips for the perfect turkey

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Take the opportunity to outdo yourself this Thanksgiving. On this day, the turkey isn’t just a turkey; it’s the main attraction. The problem is, after countless Thanksgiving of the turkey being cooked exactly the same, how attractive is it really? This year, its time to change it up. Create a turkey unlike any other by

5 Underrated Gingerbread Drinks

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Peppermint, eggnog, pumpkin spice- oh my! But what ever happened to the gingerbread? Gingerbread is one of the most underrated flavors of the holidays, but you can create some of the most delicious cocktails, you just have to know how. Here’s our 5 favorite gingerbread flavored drinks you can make this holiday season. 1. Gingerbread


The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle and wrapped with a pretty bow. The fact is however, there is nothing better during the holidays than sharing a drink with someone special. The question is, what kind of drink do you serve that special someone in your life? If you’re not quite sure what cocktail


When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers, there are two kinds of people in this world: those that love leftovers, and those that hate them. If you’re not quite the leftover fan, that’s because you’ve never tried adding alcohol to post-day grubs. We’re positive with these tasty recipes, you’ll be begging for someone to pass the


Thanksgiving dinner is delicious, there’s no doubt about that; you look forward to it every year. But does it ever seem to be getting redundant? There’s tradition and then there’s predictability. This year you can spice up both by adding a little alcohol to the mix, and we don’t just mean in a glass. Learn


Sometimes the last thing you want after a big meal is well, more food; so as far as dessert goes, it might be a no. Not to mention making dessert is like making another meal, so skipping it saves you both time and money. But what if you could drink your dessert? Don’t let your


It’s science really. Various new studies indicate that certain types of booze can help fight a cold, so during this flu season, drink up! Let’s be clear that booze isn’t the ‘cure’ nor can it be considered a preventative measure, but once you are feeling a little under the weather, some of your favorite alcohol